Finish Of The Month – June 2018

With so many great finishes every weekend in combat sports its hard to keep track of them all. As a way to help myself keep track of and chronicle as many as possible, I am going to do a wrap-up and best of for every month. There are no criteria as to what makes the list, it is only based on what I liked best.

June was a great month for fight fans. We were treated to a plethora of great fights and finishes, not just from the UFC but from most major MMA organisations. The month was stacked full of impressive finishes but falls a little short in comparison to some of the earlier action this year. This was a long list to narrow down, so if I missed any finishes that you believe belong on the list comment them below.

Honourable Mentions

Petr Yan’s Dominant UFC Debut
We’re Throwin’ Spinning Shit Now? June Edition With Yukinori Ogasawara
Marcin Held Heel Hook in ACB Debut
Curtis Blaydes’ Brutal Elbows vs The Reem
Kelvin Tiller Lands a Bomb of an Overhand

Five – Unforgiving Elbow from Max Muay Thai

Hosting fights seven days a week, Max Muay Thai is one of the most reliable sources for entertaining fights in combat sports. They may not be putting on large scale, compelling matchups but they are reliably producing incredibly entertaining fights and finishes every day of the week for free. This finish from Robert Jor.Chaivat is a perfect example of the type of action you can expect if you tune into a Max Muay Thai event.

Four – As Clean As They Come W/Juan Archuleta

As a strong wrestler in MMA one of the most effective ways to open up your striking is to use a level change (fake takedown attempt) to make your opponent both second guess their offence and to lower their defence. In his fight with UFC veteran Robbie Peralta at Bellator 201, Juan Archuleta possibly showed the most picture perfect example of the effectiveness of this technique — knocking out Peralta in the third round with a perfectly set up overhand right.

Three – Bas Rutten Approved Finish From Ben Saunders

Effective clinch work is, unfortunately, a rarity in high-level MMA. That being said, on the few occasions that it is utilised effectively by a fighter, it can produce a spectacular result. That is what we saw in the bout between Ben Saunders and Jake Ellenberger. Saunders took full advantage of his height and reach advantage in the clinch and was able to control Ellenberger before crushing him with a perfect knee to the liver.

Two – The Spartan Leaps His Way to Six Points

PFL‘s inaugural season has gotten off to an explosive start, with their first two events featuring a bunch of great fights and finishes. From the two events they have hosted so far, nothing has stood out as prominently as Alex ‘The Spartan’ Nicholson‘s flying knee knockout from PFL 1. Flying knee KO’s are incredible when they happen in any weight class but the fact that Nicholson is a Heavyweight makes this just that little bit more impressive.

One – Magic Marlon

In a highly anticipated main event matchup between two of the best Bantamweights in the world, Marlon Moraes needed no more than thirty seconds to put an end to Jimmie Rivera‘s twenty fight unbeaten streak. Ending the fight with a phenomenal switch head-kick and cementing himself as the undeniable number one contender in the highly competitive Bantamweight division. Pure Magic.



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