Brad Pickett – Defining Moment

Earlier today, veteran English Mixed Martial Artist Brad Pickett announced that he would officially be coming out of retirement to fight at ACB 91 on August 11th. In honour of his return, I thought I would look back on the defining moment of his career.

From 2007 through to 2010, Brad Pickett put together a 10-1 streak, highlighted by four fights in the, at the time, premier organisation for lower weight classes; the WEC. This run was the catalyst for Brad’s entry into the UFC. The three-year period included a nine-fight win streak that was topped by a win over Demetrious Johnson, who has now gone on the be considered one of, if not the greatest fighter of all time. Although Brad found continued success throughout a career that spanned nearly forty fights and thirteen years, this one run, in particular, stands out as the defining moment of his career.

This is the defining moment of Brad’s career in his own words.

“There are some big victories in my career that, at the time, didn’t seem as big as they do now. Obviously Demetrious Johnson for example. At the time I beat a 10-0 prospect, I didn’t realise how big he would get. So that fight and all my fights within the WEC I think were some of the best moments of my career. I had four fights in the WEC, I was 3-1. I won by Peruvian necktie, a really rare submission, in my debut. My second fight was against Demetrious Johnson and I beat him comfortably as well. Then in my third fight, I lost a decision against Scott Jorgensen but that was a very good fight. And then my last fight in the WEC was against a real veteran, at the time, Ivan Menjivar. He was a big name for me to have beat back then, and then obviously winning that fight carried me over into the UFC. So overall my time in the WEC stands out as a really good highlight of my career.”


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