Finish Of The Month – May 2018

With so many great finishes every weekend in combat sports its hard to keep track of them all. As a way to help myself keep track of and chronicle as many as possible, I am going to do a wrap-up and best of for every month. There are no criteria as to what makes the list, it is only based on what I liked best.

May was an amazing month for fight fans. We were treated to a plethora of great fights and finishes, not just from the UFC but from all the major MMA organisations. The month was stacked full of impressive knockouts — as every month has been this year — but also saw a rise in the number of standout submissions compared to the last few months. This was a long list to narrow down, so if I missed any finishes that you believe belong on the list comment them below.

Honourable Mentions

Arnold Allen’s Come Back Choke
A Rare Finish From Phil Davis
Dominick Reyes Uppercuts His Way To Legitimacy
Poliana Botelho Destroys Syuri Kondo
We’re Throwin’ Spinning Shit Now? May Edition With Elizeu Zaleski
Aaron Pico’s Deadly Left-Hook Does It Again
Daron Cruickshank’s Highlight Reel Left Leg Strikes Again
Do you Like Head-Kicks?

Five – John Lineker Justifies His Nickname

Very few people will ever find something that they love as much as John Lineker loves fighting. With a head made of steel and hands made of stone, John Lineker sets out to inflict damage on his opponents, all while grinning ear to ear. This fight was no different. Lineker pushed forward and hit the ridiculously tough Brian Kelleher with everything he had until he eventually caught him clean and knocked him out with a vicious left hook in the third round.

Four – Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao’s Crushing Head-Kick from Glory 53

This was a mesmerising knockout that is equal parts elegant and brutal. From the setup through to the execution, Petchpanomrung displayed effortless, technical mastery. At only 23 years of age, with two consecutive knockout of the year contenders, Petchpanomrung is without a doubt one of the most compelling Featherweight strikers in the world.

Three – Hellish Elbow From MAX-Muay Thai

This finish is insane. If you are ever pondering the question of what is the world’s most exciting sport watch this fight ending sequence and know that the answer is without a doubt Muay Thai.

Two – Possibly The Cleanest Spinning Elbow KO of All Time From Yoshiko Tane

In the third round of an already exciting fight, Yoshiho Tane delivered one of the most brutal knockouts of the year — landing a perfectly timed and placed spinning elbow counter. This is by far one of the best finishes of the year and potentially one of the best spinning elbow KO’s I have ever seen.

One – The Dragon Strikes Again

This was an all-time great KO from an all-time great fighter. Seeing Lyoto Machida return to form in this manner was one of the brighter moments of 2018 for me personally. I don’t see how any finish this year is going to be able to top this.


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