Gegard Mousasi – Undeniable

Throughout a career that has spanned fifteen years and over fifty fights, Gegard Mousasi has remained one of the most unappreciated fighters in the history of the sport. As one of MMA’s most consistent performers, Mousasi has an outstanding record of 43-6-2 and is yet to lose two fights in a row. Of his forty-three wins, he has astonishingly managed to finish thirty-six of them — twenty-four by KO/TKO and twelve by submission.

Gegard has never shied away from a challenge and has consistently fought the toughest fighters in the world throughout his career. His extensive resume has seen him compete in the sports largest organisations — Pride, Dream, Strikeforce, UFC, and Bellator — and win fights against some of the sports toughest competitors including; Chris Weidman, Dan Henderson, Mark Hunt, Vitor Belfort and Jacare Souza just to name a few.

For me personally Gegard Mousasi is one of the most outstanding fighters this sport has to offer. His well-rounded game, calm demeanour and inability to suffer non-sense — while making him one of my favourite fighters of all-time — has unfortunately caused many fans to overlook him.

For a fighter such as Mousasi, one of the best ways to gauge his success is by listening to the way in which other fighters view him. A perfect example of this comes from arguably the best fighter of all-time Demetrious Johnson. When asked about the fighters he respects the most / fighters he believes are the best, Mighty Mouse always refers to Gegard Mousasi. Stating on multiple occasions that Mousasi is one of the most well-rounded fighters the sport has ever seen.

Maintaining the ability to be confident and dangerous in all aspects of a fight, is (rightfully so) the ultimate goal for any dedicated Mixed Martial Artist. When attempting to define and pinpoint the greatest fighters of all-time, I personally regard well-roundedness, consistency and finishing ability as three of the most important measurements. Gegard has undeniably shown that he measures impressively in all three of these categories. That is why I have always and will continue to, regard Gegard Mousasi as one of the greatest fighters of all time.

Gegard Mousasi will challenge Rafael Carvalho for the Bellator Middleweight title at Bellator 200 this weekend. Although it is disappointing that we will not get the chance to see Gegard fight Robert Whittaker in the UFC anytime soon. This upcoming matchup with Rafael Carvalho is one of the most intriguing Middleweight fights available, regardless of organisation.

Mousasi will be entering this fight as the rightful favourite, but that does not mean this won’t be a competitive fight. I believe many parallels can be drawn between this fight and the Welterweight title fight that took place earlier this year between Rory MacDonald and Douglas Lima. Despite ultimately losing the fight, Douglas Lima pushed Rory MacDonald to his limit and showed the world that he was being undeservingly overlooked. It is very possible that be could see a similar scene played out in this matchup, with Rafael Carvalho giving Mousasi a much tougher test than many predict. Regardless of how this matchup plays out, I am deeply grateful that I have the opportunity to watch Gegard Mousasi compete and hope that more fans begin to appreciate how talented he is.


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