Petchnumchai Sitpoopanaod Vs Samerai Kiatboon

MAX Muay Thai – The Champion (May 5, 2018)

Petchnumchai Sitpoopanaod Vs Samerai Kiatboon

Winner –  Petchnumchai Sitpoopanaod Via Round 3 KO

Today I was catching up on some of the Muay Thai fights that I missed over the past week and came across this beautiful fight from MAX Muay Thai between Petchnumchai Sitpoopanaod Vs Samerai Kiatboon. Besides being an incredibly entertaining back-and-forth battle, this fight is remarkable due to its phenomenal finish. With less than ten seconds left in the last round of a tightly contested fight, Petchnumchai made himself the clear winner by landing a smooth, perfectly timed and placed elbow — knocking his opponent out cold and securing one of the most impressive finishes of the year. This was a Sensational fight and finish and is yet another example of how amazing high-level Muay Thai can be.


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