An Interview With Brian Kelleher

Brian ‘Boom’ Kelleher

Fighting Out Of: Selden, New York (USA)

Record: 19-8

Key Wins: Iuri Alcantara, Renan Barao

Last Fight: February 24th 2018 at UFC on Fox 28 – Against Renan Barao

Next Fight: May 12th 2018 at UFC 224 – Against John Lineker

Sherdog – Taplogy – Twitter – Instagram

Brian Kelleher is an American Mixed Martial Artist fighting in the UFC’s Bantamweight division. He is currently 3-1 in the UFC, including impressive wins over veterans Renan Barao and Iuri Alcantara. Brian’s aggressive, fan-friendly style has quickly made him one of the most exciting fighters in the Bantamweight division.

On the main card of the upcoming UFC 224, Brian will be facing the toughest opponent of his career in the number six ranked contender John Lineker. With a win over Lineker, Brian could potentially skyrocket himself into the top ten of the division and more importantly the title picture.

 What was the fight or moment in particular that let you know you could do this at a high level?

“It took me a long time to realise my potential in this sport. I didn’t find myself as a fighter until after about 16 pro fights. Physically I was talented but mentally that is when I hit a switch and knew the UFC is where I’d end up.”

If you could give your 18 year old self one piece of advice what would it be?

“If I could give my 18 year old self advice it would be to remain persistent through the ups and downs. To keep my self belief unbreakable no matter what, and trust the process”

What sets you apart from the rest of the division?

“I believe what separates me from the pack is how bad I want it.”

Is there a technique that you feel is being criminally underused and under-trained in the sport today?

“No, I think at this point you have to be good at everything and be well rounded, so people are making sure to put time into everything. I think recovery might be something that isn’t utilised enough as you get deeper into the sport.”

Who is someone that you have trained with, that has consistently blown you away or extremely impressed you?

“When I first started as a professional I was training upstate with team Bombsquad in Ithaca NY. A guy named John Franchi always impressed me and sparring with him was scarier than any fight I had. Another guy who I watch on Instagram who trains like a savage, with great intensity, is Michael Chandler.” 

Who is someone that inspires you?

“Many people inspire me. People who do something in life that I couldn’t imagine doing myself. People who’s perspective on life is different then mine. People who are willing to take risks despite losing it all. And of course Joe Rogan.”

What is a book that you recommend everyone reads?

“I really enjoy books written by Don Miguel Ruiz. One book in particular that helped change me and my line of thinking was ‘The Four Agreements’.”


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