Spyridon Margaritopoulos Vs Mohamed Salem Mohamed

Karate Combat: Inception (April 26, 2018)

Spyridon Margaritopoulos Vs Mohamed Salem Mohamed

Winner – Spyridon Margaritopoulos Via Round 1 KO

Taking place by the water in Miami, Karate Combat officially hosted their inaugural event today. The card featured six bouts, four finishes and a whole lot of, what I would call, questionable stylist choices. After watching the event I found it hard to muster a strong response in either a positive or negative direction. These are my early thoughts on the promotion.

The Good
Although I am still skeptical about the ruleset and use of the square shaped ‘fighting pit’. The actual matches that took place on this card, for the most part, were quite entertaining and worthy of recognition. As the promotion holds more events, I can definitely see the potential for both calculated, clean stand-up battles and sloppy tiresome back and forth shadow boxing. As long as the calculated battles continue to outweigh the alternative, I will continue to give Karate Combat the benefit of the doubt.

The Bad
Karate Combat is far from a polished product and definitely features its fair share of cringe-worthy elements. The neon-futuristic vibe that imbues the promotion is, in my judgment, tacky and for the most part distracting. This card, in particular, featured some of the most over the top, cringe-worthy entrances I have ever seen for a combat sports event. That being said, It is hard to make any judgment calls this early in the promotions tenure as I am sure a lot of these issues can be chalked up to growing pains and misguided vision.


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