Rico Verhoeven Vs Jamal Ben Saddik 2

Glory: Redemption (December 9, 2017)

Rico Verhoeven Vs Jamal Ben Saddik 2

Winner – Rico Verhoeven Via Round 5 KO

Today I wanted to quickly remind everyone how great Glory Kickboxing’s biggest fight of 2017 was.

When a fight is built up as the biggest of the year before it has even taken place, one of two things usually happens. Either, the fight is disappointing and/or ends in controversy, or in the case of Rico Verhoeven Vs Jamal Ben Saddik 2, it lives up to and exceeds all expectations.

From the heated build-up through to the dramatic finish, this fight was phenomenal. It is matchups and fights like this that are going to push the sport of kickboxing forward in popularity. Whether you are a casual viewer of MMA/Boxing or a dedicated combat sports fan, it is impossible to watch a fight like this and not walk away wanting to see more. This was a brilliant back and forth fight between two of Heavyweight kickboxing’s greatest fighters. If you haven’t seen the fight, Glory recently uploaded it to Youtube so you have no excuse not to watch it.


Fights, Fights and more Fights

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