Finish Of The Month – March 2018

With so many great finishes every weekend in combat sports its hard to keep track of them all. As a way to help myself keep track of and chronicle as many as possible, I am going to do a wrap-up and best of for every month. There are no criteria as to what makes the list, it is only based on what I liked best.

March was a little bit of an off month for combat sports and was a slight step back in quality compared to February. That being said, the month still featured a tonne of phenomenal finishes across multiple organisations. The event that shined the brightest in March was the K1 World Grand Prix: Japan or KFesta! 1, which featured a total of twelve finishes across the twenty-four fight card – three of which are featured on this list. This was a long list to narrow down, so if I missed any finishes that you believe belong on the list comment them below.

Honourable Mentions

Scott Askham Beautiful Body Kick KO Vs Michal Materla
Danny Henry Shuts Down Hakeem Dawodu
Tomasz Narkun Upsets The Great Mamed Khalidov 
Jeremy Miado Out Guns A Legend 
Kosuke Komiyama’s Tight Head Kick KO

Five – Ren Hiramoto Crushes Kaew Weerasakreck

The biggest Kickboxing card of the year, K1 WGP, took place in March and featured a title defence from every single K1 champion. 19-year-old Ren Hiramoto’s knockout of Kaew Weerasakreck was not only the biggest upset from the card but one of the most brutal finishes. Keep your eye on Ren Hiramoto he is going to be a superstar.

Four – Alexander Hernandez’s Destructive Debut

Everything about this finish was ridiculously impressive. Alexander Hernandez has now set the standard for UFC debut’s – short of winning the title, I don’t see anyone making a more impressive debut than this. In the 42 seconds it took to knockout the 12th ranked contender, Hernandez displayed impressive speed, power, footwork and most importantly confidence.

Three – Yoshiki Takei Shows ‘ here’s Levels To This Shit’

Seldom have I ever seen a fighter outclass, outwork and finish their opponent with such ease. Absolutely ridiculous performance and finish by Takei.

Two – Siam Petchnapachai’s Video Game KO

This is one of the fakest real life knockouts I have ever seen. If a fight in a movie ended with this KO I would probably turn it off. This was an absolutely incredible knockout and one of my favourite of the year so far.

One – Brian Ortega Shocks The World

This finish had everything. It was shocking, impactful, brutal and is one of those moments that remind us just how incredible this sport can be. No-One, including myself, predicted that Ortega would knockout Frankie Edgar in first round. This was an insane finish and is going to be hard to top.


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