Irvins Ayala Vs Andrew Chatman

LFA 36 (March 23 2018)

Irvins Ayala Vs Andrew Chatman

Result – Disqualification (Unsportsmanlike Conduct)

Today I wanted to quickly share one of the strangest MMA moments of recent years that took place at LFA 36 over the weekend.

The cartoonish turn of events was kick-started when Ayala attempted to drop a hammer fist with the full force of his body weight on his downed opponent – unfortunately, he fell directly on the knee of his opponent knocking himself unconscious. After realising he was gifted a knockout win, Chatman proceeded to not only celebrate the unearned win but to do so in reprehensible fashion – using his unconscious opponent’s body as a springboard for a failed front flip attempt. This was one of the wackiest MMA moments to take place outside of Japan and is well and truly ridiculous.


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