Martin Nguyen Vs Kazunori Yokota

ONE Championship: Quest For Power (January 14 2017)

Martin Nguyen Vs Kazunori Yokota

Winner – Martin Nguyen Via Round 1 KO

As time continues to creep ever so slowly towards the biggest event of the year so far: UFC 223 on April 7th. MMA fans can find solace in knowing that the sports other organisations have got them covered. This weekend alone will feature events from; ONE Championship, ACB, Invicta FC, LFA and Cage Warriors. All of these cards feature at least one fight well worth your time. If you know where to look, with the right amount of patience, it would be easy to piece together the best fights of the weekend into one great fight card worthy of your time.

The standout fight of the weekend will come in the Main Event of ONE Championship: Iron Will, when current Lightweight and Featherweight champion Martin Nguyen attempts to gain his third ONE Championship title by challenging Bibiano Fernandes for his Bantamweight title. This fight is not only intriguing due to its historic implications but due to the fact that it is above all just a great fight.

On the surface level, this fight is more simple than most, with both fighters having very clear paths to victory and defeat. Bibiano Fernandes boasts a sizeable advantage in the grappling department and will most likely seek a victory through his usual path – either win by submission or grind out a controlling decision. Whereas Martin Nguyen will boast a considerable power advantage and more than likely look to keep the fight standing and land the same right hand that has taken him to three consecutive knockout wins in a row.

Both fighters will be well aware of this dynamic and will surely have game planned accordingly. It would not be surprising to see either fighter go out and flawlessly execute their game plan.
It is also quite possible that we could see neither man find success in their chosen path in which we may be in for an even more interesting fight.

This is a fantastic matchup and my most anticipated of the weekend.


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