Scott Askham Vs Michal Materla

KSW 42 (March 3, 2018)

Scott Askham Vs Michal Materla

Winner – Scott Askham Via Round 1 TKO


Last weekend’s KSW 42 was an extremely impressive event. Not only were the fights sensational but the production value was through the roof. As KSW continues to expand their talent-rich roster and put on fantastic shows, they are quickly becoming one of the most captivating organisations in the sport (outside of the US).

Today I wanted to quickly share Scott Askham’s beautiful body kick finish of Michal Materla from KSW 42.
KSW veteran Michal Materla came into this fight on a three-fight KO streak, including wins over – Paulo Thiago and Rousimar Palhares. He was heavily favored to defeat KSW newcomer and former UFC Middleweight, Scott Askham.
This was meticulous violence at it’s best from Scott Askham.
As a southpaw facing an orthodox fighter, Scott was well aware that there would be an opportunity for kicks to the exposed body of Materla. From the opening bell, Askham began to immediately execute his game plan, throwing his left kick with little hesitation. He used basic but effective methods to disguise the kicks – throwing leg kicks, feints, and even high kicks to avert Michal’s attention away from the main target: the body.

Askham controlled the distance, timing, and placement of the kicks perfectly and begun to give Materla real issues with the first kick he landed. At the four-minute mark of the first round, Askham landed his fourth kick to the body of Michal – this time visibly hurting him. After avoiding a desperate takedown attempt for Materla, Askham landed a fifth and final kick to the body, ending the fight in the first round. Once again proving that body-shot finishes are amongst the most brutal in the sport.

Although he had an unfortunate run in the UFC, Scott Askham is a very underrated talent and will surely continue to rack up impressive wins like this. It is great to see him thriving in his post UFC career (so far) and I hope to see more of him in KSW.


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