Tomasz Narkun Vs Mamed Khalidov

KSW 42 (March 3, 2018)

Tomasz Narkun Vs Mamed Khalidov

Winner – Tomasz Narkun Via Round 3 Submission

In one of the best fights of the weekend, Tomasz Narkun handed Mamed Khalidov his first loss since 2010, putting an end to his fourteen fight win streak.

In the main event of KSW 42, Middleweight champion Mamed Khalidov stepped up in weight to face the current Light-Heavyweight champion Tomasz Narkun. The fight was the second consecutive ‘Champion Vs Champion’ matchup for Khalidov, with KSW seemingly exhausting all options in order to challenge the 37 year old. The fight immediately became the most anticipated on the KSW schedule, creating plenty of anticipation among dedicated fans.

The fight well and truly delivered on fans expectations. The first round was contested brilliantly by Khalidov – he was loose and accurate on the feet, as we have come to expect from him – knocking Narkun down twice within the first two minutes. As the first round came to a close all signs were pointing to a vintage Khalidov victory.

It was more of the same from Khalidov in the second but to lesser success. Tomasz Narkun showed solid improvements in round two, as he began to neutralize the right hand of Khalidov and land solid shots of his own. Despite the improvements by Narkun, the round could still be given to Khalidov mainly due to his consistent low kicks.

With two rounds and a probable 10-8 against him, Tomasz Narkun had a tough task ahead of him in the third. The round began with a great show of sportsmanship between the two as they embraced and acknowledged their respect for one another. As soon as the pleasantries were over, Narkun made it abundantly clear that he was out to steal the fight in the final round.

After landing a glancing counter on the end of an exchange – Narkun immediately pushed forward, throwing flurries of punches in an effort to crowd Khalidov – who found himself backed against the cage. As soon as Khalidov’s back hit the cage, Narkun began to unleash a barrage of knees and hooks, some of which seemed to have Khalidov hurt. After creating some separation between himself and the cage Khalidov was able to fire off a nice combination of his own before catching a kick from Narkun and sending the fight to the canvas. This was the beginning of the end for Khalidov who was quickly caught in a Triangle submission by Narkun – ending the fight at the 3:40 mark of the third round.

This was an incredible end to a phenomenal fight. We got to see great moments from both men in this fight but in the end, Tomasz Narkun was able to successfully upset the legendary Mamed Khalidov, becoming the first man to finish him in thirteen years. It was a pleasure to watch both of these men compete, I am hopeful that we may get to see them face off again before the end of Khalidov’s career.


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