Frankie Edgar Vs Brian Ortega

UFC 222 (March 3 2018)

Frankie Edgar Vs Brian Ortega

Winner – Brian Ortega Via Round 1 KO

Brian Ortega has done what no man has before him – knockout Frankie Edgar.

This was an unbelievable finish.
Brian kicked it off with a beautiful left elbow, that noticeably staggered Frankie as he retreated. At this point it seemed like it Frankie could still recover and showcase his patented heart – but that was far from the case. Once he realised the extent to which he had Edgar hurt, Ortega followed up with combinations – throwing countless hooks and uppercuts as Frankie reached for a clinch. As he was able to create some separation, Ortega landed one of the most the most destructive uppercuts in recent memory – lifting Edgar from his feet before sending him to the canvas for the finish.
Absolutely tremendous finish by a guy who’s greatest striking attribute previous to this fight was his chin.

In one of the best Prospect Vs Veteran fights of all time, Brian Ortega walked away the clear winner and the new number one contender. This was one of the most unexpected finishes in the UFC, since Rose Namajunas dethroned Joanna Jedzejczyk at UFC 217. That is not to say that it was an upset. Brian Ortega was by no means an underdog of that level in this fight. I personally felt this fight was a 50/50 matchup with both men having clear paths to victory.

Ortega is known for his lethal submission skills as well as his toughness and self belief. I, like many, believed If he was to win this fight it was going to be from one of those attributes. Obviously Brian Ortega wasn’t informed of this. NO-ONE. No-One, including myself, could have predicted that Ortega would win this fight via first round knockout. Brian’s ridiculous composure, improved defence and most importantly new found lethality, all played a roll in him securing the biggest win of his career. This was one of those moments that remind us just how incredible this sport can be.

Brian Ortega is a phenomenal fighter, making obvious leaps in his overall game every time we see him. He is as great of a contender as he is an example for this sport. I could not be a bigger fan of Brian Ortega and can not wait for him to face Max Holloway.

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