Mamed Khalidov Vs Luke Barnatt

ACB 54 (March 11 2017)

Mamed Khalidov Vs Luke Barnatt

Winner – Mamed Khalidov Via Round 1 KO

The best Middleweight, to never fight in the UFC – Mamed Khalidov will be competing later today/night in one of the most compelling fights of the weekend.

Khalidov has long been spoken of as one of the best fighters to never compete in the UFC. At KSW 42, a few hours from now, he will be given one of the toughest tests available to him – facing KSW Light-Heavyweight champion Tomasz Narkun. This fight will be Khalidov’s second consecutive ‘champion Vs champion’ matchup, with KSW seemingly exhausting all options in an effort to challenge the ridiculously talented 37 year old.

Regardless of how this fight plays out, it promises to be one of the most compelling of the weekend and I implore you to watch it.

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