Finish Of The Month – February 2018

With so many great finishes every weekend in combat sports its hard to keep track of them all. As a way to help myself keep track of and chronicle as many as possible, I am going to do a wrap up and best of for every month. There is no criteria as to what makes the list, it is only based on what I liked best.

February was a phenomenal month for fight fans and featured a plethora of fantastic finishes. The month was a big improvement from January when it came to submission finishes but unfortunately didn’t feature as many of my personal favourite body-shot KO’s. This was a big list to narrow down, so if I missed any that you think deserve to be placed in the list comment them below.

Honourable Mentions

Yoel Romero’s powerful left hand Vs Luke Rockhold
Thiago Santos’s painful body kicks Vs Anthony Smith
Kevin Wirth’s super sidekick
Paddy the baddy’s Flying Triangle
Jose Torres’ Two Punch Ticket to the UFC

Five – Jussier Formiga drops Ben Nguyen with Spinning Back Fist before choking him to sleep

This wasn’t the best knockout or best submission of the month but this is about as perfect of a combination between the two that you will see.

Four – Alan Jouban Crushes Ben Saunders after entertaining scrap

In one of the most entertaining back and forth fights of the year, Alan Jouban left no room for doubt – knocking Ben Saunders out cold with a devastating left hand in the second round. This was one of the most brutal finishes of the month and definitely belongs on this list.

Three – Half Man Half Horse, Ilir Latifi Chokes OSP to Sleep in Round One

Standing Guillotine finishes are hard to come by in high level MMA, but on the rare occasion that they are successfully executed, they can be quite brutal (especially if the fighter on the receiving end doesn’t tap). This finish was one of those rare occasions, making for a finish that was equal parts impressive and brutal.

Two – Perfect knee, Perfect Debut by Curtis Millender

Curtis Millender had a near flawless UFC debut this month – finishing former title challenger Thiago Alves with a picture perfect knee in the second round. This was the third consecutive highlight reel finish for Millender and probably the best so it’s about time I give him some attention.

One – We’re Throwin’ Spinning Shit Now? February Edition with Ahmet Aliev

Since Edson Barboza’s knockout of Terrry Edim, we have seen the use of wheel kicks in MMA grow rapidly. Although it is far more common for fighters to train and attempt the technique, it is still quite rare to see it translate into a finish this precise. Ahmet Aliev may have earned himself knockout of the year with this one. It is going to take something spectacular to top that.


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