Paddy Pimblett Vs Alexis Savvidis

Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 90 (February 24 2018)

Paddy Pimblett Vs Alexis Savvidis

Winner – Paddy Pimblett Via Round 2 Submission

The extremely hyped English prospect Paddy Pimblett has rebounded in a big way.
In his first fight back since losing his Cage Warriors Featherweight title in April of last year, Paddy made the move to the Lightweight division for the first time in his career – facing the talented but not exceptional Alexis Savvidis. Paddy submitted him via Flying Triangle / Armbar in the second round and is now the front runner for the submission of the year.

The pressure that comes along with being one of the most talked about prospects in the sport, coming off a loss, would be enough to overwhelm most young fighters. Not Paddy. The confidence and self belief displayed by him, even in the face of overwhelming pressure, is reminiscent of the man he is most often compared to – Conor McGregor.

Now unfortunately it is not the case that he is similar McGregor when it comes to in cage ability. Paddy is an exciting, talented grappler and has shown time and time again that he can be a dangerous submission threat. When his aggressive style pays off, as it did in this fight, it pays off big time and can be quite spectacular – but as we saw in the first round of this fight and in his last fight – it is clear that Paddy is a long way off becoming one of the best fighters in the world. Which is expected for a 23 year old fighter. The only problem is going to be his popularity. If he continues to rack up wins such as this one, it is only going to be a matter of time before he is pushed into the UFC. If Paddy is pushed into facing UFC caliber fighters in the near future, we could see him fizzle out and not reach his full potential.

All that being said Paddy is a brash, fun and exciting prospect and will continue to draw attention to himself whenever he competes. If he continues to notch up wins as tremendous as this one, there is no reason not to be a fan of Pimblett.


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